Gordon Ryan Vs Roberto Jimenez

Gordon Ryan is the #1 no-gi grappler in the world today. He had 6 matches in 2020 with 5 wins. If you look at his record he has beaten the who’s who of jiujitsu. He heel hooked Matheus Diniz, arm triangled Aaron Johnson, body triangled Patrick Downey, and triangled armbar Kyle Bohem for the win. He has been undefeated in the grappling circle since 2018.

Let's take a look at the challenger Roberto Jimenez. An Ecuadorian/American and a black belt under Raul Jimenez. He is an exciting grappler to watch. He is always hunting for the submission. He competes at 170 - 180 lbs. He has won several IBJJF tournaments since 2016. What a young prospect. Nothing to lose everything to gain. “Avatar mode” is what he says. He competed 29 times in 2020! He has wins over Keenan Cornelius, Vagner Rocha, and most recently Dante Leon.

Gordon favors the rear-naked choke and the inside heel hook. Roberto favors the choke from the back and triangle. Roberto does have his hands full with Gordon “the King” Ryan. Let's look at the match between Gordon vs Roberto, Gordon is the favorite by far but he can not take Roberto lightly. A smaller guy but he is quick on his feet and ready to take the back whenever he can. Since Roberto is so explosive and fearless he does leave himself open to heel hooks and leg locks. This is where Gordon can capitalize on the young prospect. Gordon can use his more technical skills to set up his heel hooks or leg locks. He can impose his pressure to take the back and create an opening for the rear-naked choke.

The match is this Friday, February 26th at Who’s Number One!
Gordon Ryan could be facing a young Gordon in Roberto Jimenez.
Will Roberto’s fearlessness pull an upset and submit the king, we will see.

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