What an opportunity for both fighters. Jan has an opportunity to shut down a number 1 contender in Israel. Israel has an amazing opportunity in becoming a champion in 2 different weight classes. 

We have ourselves a champion with a knock-out power in Jan, this is something Israel cannot ignore as Rockhold did. Everyone that has stepped up realizes the power is real and it only takes one shot from the polish fighter. His most recent run includes TKO over Rockhold, Souza, Anderson, and most notably Reyes. 

What a fighter! He has that star quality that UFC likes to capitalize on. He is a strategic striker and has great ring generalship. Controls the distance very well. He is undefeated in the UFC with wins over Costa, Romero, Whitaker, and Gastelum.

Similar to the Reyes fight, Israel has great footwork and he will be light on his feet. Jan has to cut the ring off and pressure Israel to strike with him in close quarters. Much like the Reyes fight the leg kicks can be the deciding factor, wear the thinner legs out and then go after the head. When they clinch Jan has to bring Israel down and make Israel work to get back up.

Israel has to do what he does best, take control of the distance from the center ring. Jan is much slower so Israel should not have trouble striking and moving out the way. Israel should attack his lead leg and make it hard for Jan to move around. Then Israel can use his combinations to pick Jan apart. 

Fun light heavyweight bout. Who will impose their will? Power vs Accuracy. Strength vs strategy. Chin vs Chin. That will be the true test is Israel’s chin, can he take a Jan’s best shot or will he fold like Reyes? Will technique and strategy overcome the new champion.

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