Boxer to MMA?

Transitioning to MMA.
We came across this post that presents an interesting topic to discuss.
We have seen other athletes from other sports enter our MMA world
and have some success. Some athletes transition better than others like
wrestlers, BJJ practitioners, kickboxers, judo, etc.

If we take a look at Ryan Garcia and be honest with the idea of him transitioning
to MMA, we would have to ask ourselves why? Why make that transition, whats
in the MMA world that he is not receiving in boxing? Youth is on his side, he has
all the potential to reach Canelo status if he stays in boxing. Why risk that?

Success in MMA.
We don't want to bash on the idea so let's take a look at a few successful stories
of transitioning to MMA. One of our most iconic MMA figures today is Conor
McGregor who comes from a boxing background before transitioning to MMA.
We also have Holly Holm who comes from a kickboxing and boxing background
who found success in MMA. There are several success stories those are just a few.

Bad Idea!
Let's take a look at a few who tried and failed in transitioning to MMA. CM Punk
is probably a great example where we saw someone attempt but the desire did
not match the skill set to enter the octagon. It was in my opinion entertaining at
first but then more of a waste of time seeing someone like CM punk get the
spotlight to only fade away in it.

Final thoughts.
We end with transitioning to MMA from another sport is not impossible, it does
require a different mindset, skill set, and arena. If Ryan Garcia is playing with the
idea I would say start training now, added to your arsenal so when the time comes
it will not be a foreign world to you.  

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